Lofree QTV Speaker

A Retro Speaker with New School Functionalities

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A Blast From The Past

Like many of Lofree’s products, it’s inspired by a simpler time. It’s meant to take you back to the days where families came together to share stories, laughs, and memories around the TV after a long day. With the aesthetic of a vintage TV and the enamel housing of a vintage clock, the look and feel of the Lofree QTV was created to bring back those nostalgic feelings.​​​​

Be Surrounded by Your Music

Even though it’s small, Lofree’s QTV Bluetooth Speaker holds big volumes and clear sounds. With its embedded 40mm full frequency and backward speaker, you will feel like you’re surrounded by the music. With a single charge, it can last up to 5 hours of continuous wireless playing, Lofree QTV is perfect for your next gathering, we guarantee it’ll be a hit!

A Nostalgic Appearance With Modern Features

The TV has 3 alarm settings as well as 10 min snooze increment to make sure you’ll be never late again! It also has an built-in timer. With it’s cute toy-like outer appearance and multiple functionalities to keep you on track at work, home, and life in general, the Lofree QTV is the perfect new addition to spice up your space.  

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